Golden Jubilee Celebration

Department of Botany

About Department

The Department of Botany, established in 1971 is one of the leading Departments of Nagpur in the field of teaching plant sciences. Botany Department has well qualified and experienced faculty members, Dr. R.R.Khapekar, Associate Professor & Head, Dr. S.G. Hate, Dr. (Mrs.) P.A. Lambat and Dr. (Mrs.) M.N. Bhambri, Assistant Professors of department arecommitted and dedicated for quality education in the subject.All the faculties are working hard for the overall development of students. Today the department has cent percent staff members with Ph.D. degree having research experience in various fields. A well balanced curriculum having theory and practical and qualified faculty has been the hall mark of the department since its inception.In addition to the traditional chalk and talk method classes, special interactive classes by applying group discussion, question-answer, demonstration method are arranged to encourage the students and thereby improve their learning. In-house seminars frequently organized by the department help the students acquire knowledge, skill and self-confidence. Special classes are held during the study leave of the students with special attention paid to slow learners. The hidden creativity of the students is manifested through the publication of Wall Magazines in the department. Classes are taken through the use of technology by means of Slide Show Presentation etc. Consequently, students get through the final examination with flying colours every year and go for further higher studies. Students are continuously encouraged by staff members to take participation in various curricular and cocurricular activities. Also, students are motivated by teachers for various intercollegiate competitions / exhibitions and many students has proved themselves by bagging various awards. All the staff members are actively engaged in research and continuously presenting and publishing research papers on National and International platforms and proved themselves by winning various National and International Research Awards. Faculty member have completed Major and Minor Research Projects funded by U.G.C. Dr. R.R. Khapekar is recognized guide of R.T.M. Nagpur University. Teachers are members of various scientific and other organizations.The department is fully equipped with all the basic and advanced equipments such as Digital Trinocular Research Microscope, flame photometer, water / soil analysis kit, digital balance, centrifuge machine, microwave oven, pH meter, LCD projector etc.

Certificate Course –

Flowericulture and Landscape Gardening. & Certificate course in Hydroponics.


To develop technical skill of students to develop home gardening.
To acquainted the students with garden tools and equipment.
To provide self employment opportunity to the students.
To utilized wasteland by developing landscape designing.

Duration- 36 hrs.
Intake- 40

The department has organized facility for aseptic manipulations, transfer and incubation to raise in vitro culture of Algae, Fungi, Bacteria and Higher plants. These include laminar air flow cabinets, shakers, incubators and incubation rooms.

Botanical Garden

It has the facility for Ex-situ conservation of plants. The garden has facility for collection and exchange of materials for academic purpose. It is the place for students’ education and self-learning. It has small lawns and beds for seasonal plants.


It consists of number of plants belonging to pteridophytes, gymnosperms, dicots and monocots. The students are being exposed to the herbarium while teaching so as to have a clear view of what has been taught to them in plant sciences.

Photographic Unit

Workshop has instruments for microphotography. The photographs of the specimens and microslides can be taken.


The department has museum. It has number of plants belonging to different groups like algae, fungi, bryophytes, pteridophytes, gymnosperms and angiosperms. The department has fossils.

Mentor- Mentee – Teachers regularly interact with students through this scheme and solve their problems.

Departmental library – The departmental library has a collection of text books and reference books covering the areas of Plant Sciences & also the general topics of Life Sciences. Reading room facility with free access to the text and reference books is available to the students. Currently there are large no of books, reference books, floras & journals available.

ICT and IT infrastructure –

  • Departments is equipped with LCD projector, Compute and Laptop.The department has a well equipped computer facility with advanced computers and peripherals.Specialization laboratories have independent computers with internet facility.
  • There is an independent computer laboratory with internet connectivity.
  • There are separate computers for the faculty members with internet facility.
  • Photographic Unit
  • Workshop has instruments for microphotography. The photographs of the specimens and microslides can be taken.

Evaluation – Regular unit test, surprise test, terminal examination.

Research activity- Faculty members are working hard to enhance research activity of department. Regularly attend and present papers in conferences, workshops and symposiums. Published research papers in national and international journals. One small and one large project of UGC is under the guidance of Dr. R.R. Khapekar. Teachers are invited as a resource Person.

Instruments and facilities –

Laboratories are well equipped with instruments and equipment.

1. Plant Tissue Culture Labs
2. Spectrophotometer
3. Microgeldol
4. Centrifuge
5. Single pan balance
6. Paper pan balance
7. Incubator Shakers
8. Rotary microtome
9. Rocking microtom
10. PH. Meter
11. Micropippets


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