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Department of Zoology

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Department of Zoology was established in July 1971. The department has two laboratories, a dark room for photography and a staff room. Well qualified and experienced faculty members, Dr. Milind Shinkhede, Head and Assistant Profrssor, Mrs. Zeenat Kashmiri, Assistant Professor and Dr. Yogesh Bhute, Assistant Professor are mentoring the students. Students from various communities are admitted, majority of them belongs to privileged class. The basic facilitates such as scientific equipments, display board, furniture, computer, printer etc. are available in the department. Department is actively involved in Environmental Studies for B.Sc. and B. Com. students. The teachers pay personal attention to each student. Student-centric activities are carried out throughout the year so as to achieve their all-round development. Co-curricular activities such as short excursion, workshop, seminars, exhibition and visit to various research laboratory and centers are planned for the students. From past three year department has carried out inter-departmental activities through Nature club and Environmental awareness association. The department is associated with undergraduate research program. The students are also encouraged to participate in different collegiate and inter-collegiate competitions. Above all, the students are motivated for studies and are continuously evaluated by taking unit test and preliminary examination. Department has in-house Library which contained more than 150 books on various topics and are easily assessable to the students. The main objective of all above activities is to create interest of the students in the subject, for their benefit in future and support to community services.The faculty members besides taking care of students are involved in research work. All the faculty members have Minor Research Project funded by UGC. The research work is published in national and international journals. The teachers are members of various scientific societies. Faculty members participate in the national and international conferences; seminar, symposium and workshop and prove best by winning the awards. Dr. M. M. Shinkhede and Dr. Y.V. Bhute are recognized guides of RTM Nagpur University Nagpur in the subject Zoology. The department is fully equipped with basic as well as advanced equipments such as Phase Contrast Microscope, Vertical Electrophoresis Unit, Digital Microscope, Digital Balance, LCD, OHP, Rotary and Rocking Microtome, Freezing Microtome, Camera and Enlarger. All these equipments are assessable to student to carry out their regular curricular as well as research work. The department has 04 technical staff members, supporting every activity of the department.

Certificate Course- Vermi-composting and Bee-keeping

Departmental library – More than 150 books.

ICT and IT infrastructure – Departments is equipped with LCD projector, Compute and Laptop.

Evaluation – Regular unit test, surprise test, terminal examination.

Research activity- Faculty members are working hard to enhance research activity of department. Regularly attend and present papers in conferences, workshops and symposiums. Published research papers in national and international journals.

Instruments and facilities – Laboratories are well equipped with instruments and equipments.

Mentor- Mentee – Teachers regularly interact with students through this scheme and solve their problems.

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