Golden Jubilee Celebration

Department of Physics

About Department -

The Department of Physics was established in 1971. Faculty of the department, Dr.Mrs. A. R. Poddar,Head and Associate Professor, Dr. S. P. Dange, Associate Professor, Dr. B. S. Anerao, Assistant Professor, Dr V.P. Gondane, Assistant Professor, Dr. A.K Patil, Assistant Professor, and Dr. Mrs.A.R. Golhar, Assistant Professor, all are qualified with vast teaching experience. committed and dedicated for quality education in the subject Physics. Number of books on various topics of physics are written by faculties of the Department.Faculties are involved in the research activities and publish the research papers in reputed journals regularly and also present in international and national conferences.With the growing experience teachers have introduced new innovative techniques of teaching, learning and evaluation to motivate the students to become compatible with the modern techniques.

The knowledge of physics is transformed by using very effective methodology. There is continuous internal evaluation system of students in the department. Department has conducted various Extra curricular/co-curricular activities such as Field studies, Educational tour, Students seminar, Science Exhibition and guest lecture of eminent scientists, Professors and experts working in reputed Institution,throughout the year under to make the learning as a memorable life long experience. Department has formed Sir J.C.Bose society which provides a platform to students to show  their hidden talent. Mentor-Mentee scheme is implemented in the department in which teachers regularly interact with students and provide personal counseling, guidance and solve their problems.

The staff members of the department are involved in various activities of university such as paper setting, valuation and moderation. Teachers are going as a subject expert on various committees.The Departmental laboratory is well equipped with all the modern, sophisticated instruments. Three research projects have been awarded by the UGC. All are successfully completed by the faculty members of the department. UGC sponsored National Conference on Material Preparation and Characterization: Nanoparticals and Future Trends.have been organized by the department in 2013.

Certificate Course- Solar Power and Applications.
Objectives- To educate students in power generation and application.
To gain the knowledge of solar energy isolation and global needs, current trend in solar plants and materials used in fabrication of solar cell.
To gain knowledge of manufacturing of solar panels and their environmental impacts.
Duration- 45 hrs.
Intake- 25
Departmental library – About 273 Books are available.
ICT and IT infrastructure – Departments is equipped with LCD projector, Compute and Laptop.
Evaluation – Regular unit test, surprise test, terminal examination.
Research activity- Faculty members are working hard to enhance research activity of department. Regularly attend and present papers in  conferences, workshops and symposiums. Published research papers in national and international journals.

Instruments and facilities

  • General and electronics laboratory.
  • Optics laboratory.

Equipment and Apparatus

  • C.R.O.
  • e/m apparatus
  • Iodine Vapour Tube Apparatus
  • Mercury Vapour Lamp
  • Microphone Loud speaker Apparatus
  • Ocillator: Function Generator
  • Millikans oil drop Apparatus
  • Temperature Indicator sensor
  • Ballistic Galvanometer
  • Spectrometer
  • Meldes Apparatuse
  • Potentiometer
  • Hall Effect Apparatus
  • Electronics Experimental Kits
  • Vaccume Pump
  • Optimeter
  • Force Constant Apparatus
  • Stefan law Apparatus
  • Telescope
  • Traveling Microscope
  • Newton39s Ring Apparatus
  • Hydrogen Spectra
  • Digital PH meter

Equipment under UGC sponsored research projects

  • Vacuum Oven
  • Muffle Furnace
  • Digital balance
  • Ultrasonic pulse velocity meter
  • Thermostat
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