Golden Jubilee Celebration

Facilities for Students

  1. Certificate, Value added Courses

Certificate and  value added education courses aim to provide additional learner centric graded skill oriented technical training, with the primary objective of improving the employability skills of students along with graduate programme . The main objectives of the programme are :

  • To provide students an understanding of the expectations of industry.
  • To improve employability skills of students of our college.
  • To bridge the skill gaps and make students industry ready.
  • To provide an opportunity to students to  develop inter-disciplinary skills.
  1. Research Activity

Research activity for students, aim to facilitate quality undergraduate research between students and mentors and to bring into a community of scholars within their field. Through research, students should learn to able :

  •  To articulate the relevance of their research to their coursework and professional future, synthesizing their research, academic and professional interests and goals.
  • To identify and describe what they could expect as a graduate student.
  • To reflect constructively on their research experience in making decision about their


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  1. Infrastructure and Learning Resources

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  1. Departmental Library

Each department is having their own library. Most of the books are donated by alumni, faculty members and publishing companies (specimen copies). Books issued to students and faculty members whenever needed.

  1. ICT / IT Infrastructure
  1. Well Equipped Laboratory

All the departments are equipped with well established laboratory. Along with regular academic activity, laboratory is also used for research activity by the teachers and students .

  1. Teacher Mentor

Faculties help the students at academic and personal level. All teachers are assigned the responsibility of a group of students(Mentee) and they play the role of the mentors to help students solve their problems at academic and personal levels and boost up their confidence and shed off their shyness.

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  1. Language Laboratory

The basic purpose of the lab is to provide students a platform to enhance English language skills, communication skills and to practice soft skills. The main objectives of the language laboratory is : To equip the students with good communication skills. College is equipped with well established language laboratory.

  1. Scholarship & Free-ship

Students are availing the full  benefits of Central and State governments scholarship schemes. Details are available on  web-link

  1. Sports

Indoor games

Table tennis – the game of table tennis was introduced in the college in the year 1972 and one unit of table tennis is installed at second floor (sports room)6to7 students from the college participate and practice during their free time.

Carom board – One club size carom board is kept in the room of physical education department in the second floor, this game was introduced in the college since 1972.

Chess – Four  sets of chess board and pieces are there in the Physical education department where quite a number of students both boys and girls practice in the room at second floor.

Outdoor games

Volleyball -A full volleyball court with standard size and poles is installed in the quadrangle with the dimension  of (18×9 meters),after the college timings students practice here for the competition.

Kabbadi –  Kaddadi court with the standard dimension of (13×8) is there in the quadrangle where mainly boys team practice after the college timings for the competition.

SEPAK TAKRAW – With the dimension of(44 ft x 20ft) is played in the quadrangle, where mainly boys practice after the college timings for the competition.

Cricket, Softball and Baseball has always been our strong hold  since the year 1972,since past few years we have a M.O.U with Annasaheb Gundewar college Katol,  road, Nagpur. we have a combined practice with their teams in their college premises  in the evenings.

The games like shooting, Fencing and Archery our college students practice and get their training from different Academies and Association located in different areas of the city.


A state of the art gym has been installed on the second floor for college students as well as for the college  staff, the dimensions of the gym is (35’x14’)it is also equipped with a small music system, Mirrors have also been fit in the walls and rubber matts on the floor. The equipment in the Gym includes        Treadmill, cross trainer, Abdominal machine, butterfly machine, wrist worker, pitcher machine, cable cross, dumbell rack, massager machine, plate stand, a multi gym, a cycle, rowing machine, twister, pair of dumbbell of 3kgs,5 kgs,7 kgs,10 kgs,12.5 kgs and 15 kgs. Weight plates with chrome 12.5 kgs, 5kg,7 kg and two pair of 10 kgs,5 types of different rods for  different types of exercise,2 gym stools are there 2 Yoga mats one chest bench one 3kg kettle bell is also there in the gym.

  1. Digital Library
  1. Training & Placement

Placement is a crucial interface between the stages of completion of academic program of the students and their entry into the suitable employment. The institute gives assistance to the each student in exploring placement opportunities by campus recruitment drive for the final year students. Training & Placement activities are organized through-out the year with a view to prepare the prospective learners for the campus recruitment drive. The cell is looked after by Dr. Mrs. S.A. Mandavgane of Dept. of Chemistry under the able guidance of Principal and Head of all departments.


Special Facilities for Differently Abled Students (DIVYANGJAN)

Dada Ramchand Bakhru Sindhu Mahavidyalaya have sufficient facilities to support earning by aiding for specific disability of the student (divyangjan).

To support and encourage the differently abled students for pursuing higher education and to be independent and employable various measures and policies have been adopted.

Following facilities have been made available for the differently abled(if any)at  D.R.B. Sindhu Mahavidyalaya-

Infrastructural facilities :– This include

  • Ramp facilities for easy movements in the college.
  • Railings in the college building for the support and balance.
  • Wheelchair for moving within the college premises.
  • Common room facilities
  • Special parking space in the college parking area.
  • Symbolic Display of instructions and information for the differently abled people.


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