Golden Jubilee Celebration

Department of Microbiology

About Department-

Sindhu Mahavidyalaya is the first college in Nagpur to introduce Microbiology at Undergraduate level. The department of Microbiology was established in the year 1982. Since then it has grown by leaps and bounds. Faculty of the department is well qualified, committed and dedicated for quality education in the subject. Three of our staff members are having Ph.D. and remaining one has just submitted her Ph.D. Dr. M. L. Jisnani, Head of the Department has completed one major research project funded by DBT to the tune of Rs. 37.78 lakhs and Dr. S. V. Kasbekar has been awarded a major research project from UGC to the tune of Rs. 11.38 lakhs. DR. R. M. Bhute and Mrs. Sujata Mankar too have been awarded minor research projects from UGC. The Microbiology laboratory is well equipped with all the modern, sophisticated and costly instruments. The department has its own departmental library apart from very rich central library. The course contents are transformed by very effective teaching methodology with the help of LCD and OHP. Up-to-date class notes with question bank are circulated to students at the start of the session. Students are evaluated by encouraging them to participate in unit and preliminary tests and seminars. We as Microbiology family believe in holistic and overall development of students, who are perceived as our valuable clients. We help them to become responsible, successful and happy citizens engaged in nation building. Department undertakes various activities to make the learning a memorable life long experience by organizing exhibitions, Microbiology cell activity, student corner, field excursions, visit to National research institutes and guest lecture series by alumni of the department and other eminent scientists settled in India and abroad and working in reputed Institutes.

Course- Bio Fertilizer Production

Duration- 30 hrs

Intake- 60

Departmental library – N-list

ICT and IT infrastructure – Departments is equipped with LCD projector, Compute, printers and Laptop.

Evaluation – Regular unit test, surprise test, terminal examination.

Research activity- Faculty members are working hard to enhance research activity of department. Regularly attend and present papers in conferences, workshops and symposiums. Published research papers in national and international journals.

Instruments and facilities – Laboratories are well equipped with instruments and equipment.

1. Compound Microscopes
2. Autoclave
3. Oven
5. Refrigetator
6. Micropipett
7. Incubator
8. Orbital Shaker
10. PH meter
11. Laminar Air Flow
12. Digital balance
13. Elisa Reader
14. BOD Incubator
15. Centrifuge Remi
16. Distillation Quartz
17. Chromatographic Chamber

Mentor- Mentee – Teachers regularly interact with students through this scheme and solve their problems.

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